Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Eventful Personal Life

Yeah, I fell off the blog again. 

The rundown on all that's been going on lately is on my personal blog, which this is a link to, so all you have to do is clicky if you want all the not-too-gruesome details. 

Still haven't done any leatherwork. Not sure when our next event will be, depends on Ron's progress and what happens with scheduling my turn, once I do all the preliminary hoo-ha, which was put on hold because of Insurance Issues.

Ron made (and sold) a couple more pens. I made a second bottle stopper, pretty boring. It came out nothing like I wanted, because of what is most likely tool control issues, but it isn't bad.

Robin's been making cylindrical wooden obelisks. We'd both been having problems with the key chuck walking out of the lathe when doing things that don't use the tailstock, so we got a new key chuck (the style found  on a drill), that's been threaded for a drawbar, which keeps it from walking out of the lathe. If all the words sound like English, but you have no clue what I just said, it can be summed up as: we got a not-particularly-expensive but more useful version of A Thing that should make turning small things easier. 

The MuseCon program book is almost done. I have to put in icons, the numbers for all the scheduled programming (I know what the numbers are, have to put in the text boxes in the right spots and fill in the numbers), and put in filler art.  Which is good, as I'd like to get the book to the printer Thursday night/Friday morning.

MuseCon t-shirt design delivered to OffWorld Designs. Need to see if they have an update on suggested shirt color, etc.

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