Monday, August 27, 2012

Lots of Natter for a Slow Weekend

I didn't get as much done this weekend as I could/should have. I blame yesterday's weather, it wasn't encouraging.

I did look at pictures of masonic sword cases - I have one to repair - to figure out what type of handle had broken off of it. I suspect that the original handle was sewn into the seam (which seem to have been prone to breakage). Other examples had dee rings attached, and the handles had spiffy finial/hooks which held onto the dee rings. I don't think I can get anything like the finials, but even a plain handle attached to the dee ring is going to look good, and be more durable. Customer willing, of course.

Also threw myself at working on the books yesterday (with the usual ranting at the computer). Purchases still are not done, but I did sales, so I'd have a clue on where we are for belts.

Belt stock is not actually too bad, but my supply of harness leather to make more brown belts is pretty dire. I have some london tan (golden brown) and havana-ish (chocolate brown) pieces that won't work for belts, but will do other things, so I decided to get a half-cow of chestnut (red-brown). And, of course, black. I'm not certain we need black right now, but we will soon enough.

Also ordered some hardware and a couple tool-ish things - a strop board for my edgers (I have one, but Ghu knows where it's hiding - and it'll show up any day now), and a tool to make installing chicago screws/conchos simpler.


Fortunately, I asked for a projected subtotal for my order, and survived the panic attack that it caused. The customer service rep had accidentally put me down for 30 of one style of buckle, instead of 3.

Possible New Product Alert!

Last week we got several issues of "The Leather Workers and Saddlers' Journal" that we'd re-subscribed to, and gotten some back issues of. One had an article about a firm molded geologist's sample case. It's a nice bag, but I think the guy could have done a better job of molding it (I think after 15+ years of molding pouches I'm entitled to my opinion).

It got me thinking.
  • (A): That we could make one that looked better - because of the way he molded it the corners were kinda . . . blobby. Poofy. But not really poofy-poofy. I dunno, it's hard to describe.
  • (B): That a case like that might be just right for . . . um . . . a tablet!

Yes, I know, Ron has an iPad bag and I'm working on building one for myself.

But a hard tablet case might, y'know, sell. But before I send Ron down to the woodworking equipment to make a mold, I need to exercise my Google-fu and find out the dimensions of the popular tablets (and e-book readers).

A Doggy Digression

Although Pippin is clearly my dog, and followed me out to the dining room last night to check on hardware supplies, he wouldn't come into the dining room with me. Silly dog.

End Doggy Digression

Tonight I need to pull out the braided belts and belt blanks that went to the last couple events, get them into inventory, and see how many we have that need to be finished. And I should keep plugging away at the books.

We're not going to WorldCon this coming weekend, but we are probably extracting honey, which will wipe out at least one day. So I need to cut down a bit on ukulele practice and also get back to work on pouches and things.

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