Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Catching Up, Otter Necessities Version

Why that post title? Because I just did a catching-up post on my personal blog.

Saturday we made another trip over to Tandy/Leather Factory. Ron got a bunch of new tools for tooling, I got some more of the snake any ladybug kits from the clearance rack, and two pieces of leather - bright purple/magenta, and a pebbled dark burgundy. Expensive trip.

Remember the beer gut bag that I made earlier this year for a customer in New Zealand? Earlier this month  somebody stole it! I sent her some documentation on how much she paid for it, to submit to her insurance, sounds like they were satisfied, and I'll be making a replacement.

Over the weekend we dug out all the leatherworking (and related) books, and I made a list of them. We'd cataloged a bunch of them in book-cataloging software in the past, and I was able to export the data, which significantly simplified the job.

Monday I stayed home (general feeling of "meh"), and worked on updating the books, which I hadn't done since, um, before the last two events, in June. Got through all the purchases, still need to do sales.

Having serious second thoughts about the Known World Costume Symposium, after being up past my bedtime at MuseCon, and remembering how well I don't cope with that any more. As I may have mentioned, the room is open until something like 11 pm Saturday night, <i>and</i> merchants have to be out Saturday night. Even if I close shop and start packing at 8-9-ish that's not going to be fun.

Small grubles for the folks running Military History Fest (formerly Reenactor Fest), they never sent me the dealer information I requested. Lots of dealers already confirmed, but the website doesn't say the room is full. Ron thinks we can do MHF and Capricon (the next weekend) back-to-back, so tonight we'll decide how many tables, etc. and get the application sent off.

No, not planning on being a dealer at Cap, but Ron is Cafe second, and MuseCon may be sponsoring the Cafe.

Ooh, carp, I need to get on seeing about space for the Northshield Coronation at the beginning of September, and Fox Hunt a little later in the month.

Not sure how much further effort I'm going to invest in chasing down the gaming convention supposedly to be held at College of DuPage in October.

Having slacked off on leatherworking for a good chunk of the summer, I need to get back at it. But first, I need to put away all the tools I took to MuseCon. On Sunday we went to Menard's and got a couple more toolboxes - to put tools for teaching classes in. One for sewing tools for classes for me, and one for Ron, since he plans on teaching a class on tooling leather.

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