Thursday, February 2, 2012

This, That, and a Couple Repeat Things

Ron's done some Googling, and gotten an idea of the cost to buy a new trailer. a 5' x 8' with drop-gate/ramp is less expensive than I was thinking - under $2K. Time to start saving pennies. 6' x 8' don't seem to exist (or were hiding) the next step seems to be 6' x 10', which is getting larger than needed. 
I did some searching, banners have come down in price since I bought the one we have, due no doubt to wide-format digital printing. (Our current banner is vinyl, with the letters, etc. cut out of vinyl and pasted on). Printed fabric is a bit more than vinyl, but still quite affordable, and I'm leaning that way. My initial investigations were on-line; now I need to check local shops, as I'd prefer to buy from local businesses.

Yesterday I pulled out the graph paper, list of available bin sizes, and my  scribbled mess listing what's in the hardware drawers in the big green road case. I think I've figured out a rational arrangement for each drawer, and what goes where. I dumped the information into a spreadsheet, so now I'm ready to order bins. One of these days.

Last night I started working on posters and flyers for the Capricon Cafe, based on various advertising and other images Ron's cleaned up. I'll probably continue on that tonight, since Cap is next weekend. I've already got the MuseCon party flyers mostly-done, all I need to do is put in the room number. 

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