Friday, September 10, 2010

Waffle waffle

My incentive to work on the pouches kinda fell off - I think finding the stash of finished ones had something to do with that.  So did the whole truck question, even though I had a contingency plan (and friends offered a contingency plan to my contingency plan).  Most of the pouch cutting-out binge is still unfinished, never did look any more for the frogs, and I didn't even go through the finished pouches (both recent and the found stash) and update inventory.

But we did get the truck back in time!  Wednesday afternoon.  There was much happy.  I think Ron was secretly disappointed not to have it totalled and try to replace it with a big pick-em-up truck.  But there we are.

And even once we got the truck back, there was more waffling: 
  • Who would go, who would stay home?
  • One-day, or stay tonight?   Where and how stay, if so?
  • One person stay, other commute?
  • Whole big damn trailer, or just a truck load?
  • Weather 
  • Ron and I don't actually like spending our weekends apart
The staying home question is dog-related, in part.  Too long a day for them to be home alone, and taking them requires either taking both vehicles or the big damn trailer, provided they're even welcome.  I'm not assuming they are.

At one point my preliminary plan was to take Robin and a truck-load of merchandise and two easy-ups, and leave him overnight.  Then I looked at the travel time - closer to one hour than two.  Plus the weather thing: easy-ups are not good when it comes to wind and any but straight down plain rain.  Leaving Robin alone overnight to deal with weather could be Bad.  Hotels can get expensive.  Ron and I are getting too old for this camping shit.  Yadda yadda.

And we still haven't packed the truck, or even started hauling stuff out of nooks and crannies and sorting.  Although we finally did decide that Ron and I would do a get up ghu-awful early daytrip and leave Robin home.   

Yesss, precious, it's gonna be an interesting evening around the Otter den, oh yes indeedy...

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