Monday, August 16, 2010

Workitty Work Work

Much progress made on pouches over the weekend.

It was too [expletive] hot on Saturday to do much more than hide in the air-conditioned bedroom, and although yesterday was cooling off to almost-comfortable temperatures, we still spent a fair amount of time hiding in the cool room.

However, I did find the various pouch parts that were scattered around the house.  I set up a synchronization rule to keep Otter’s books up to date on my laptop (they’ve been living on Ron’s desktop the last couple years), and checked inventory.  Fortunately, before I started cutting much out, I found a stash of finished but not into the inventory spreadsheet pouches.  Revise list of what I need to make.

Cut out about a dozen soft pouches, or pieces thereof, and got a half-dozen to the point where the lacing is the only thing left to do.  I also made a bunch of belt loops, since my stash is hiding (glares around the room waiting for them to slink out and show themselves).  I probably did too much, my wrists and hands are grumbling at me today.

I failed to find the belt frogs that are in various stages of completion.  I wasn’t particularly looking for them when I was rooting around the dining room, so another pass through should bring them to light.

I need to check the weather forecast and see when it’s likely to be cool enough to get the pot of wax out and work on the stash of hard pouches I’ve got – a good half dozen of those.  

Haven’t checked the belt inventory yet, but IIRC it should be in reasonable shape.  Also need to check on where we are with book covers, checkbooks, etc.  

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