Monday, November 2, 2009

Belt Done, Bar the Shouting

The Sam Browne belt is done, except for buckle holes and one stud. Although it entailed a lot of hand-sewing, it went surprisingly fast once I really got rolling. Ron had to cut out little fiddly bits, as I don't have proficiency in exacto knife. If I can't cut it out with my head knife, forget it. By Saturday night I had the various bits edged and glued onto the belt.

Sunday morning I discovered that the rubber cement I'd used wasn't going to hold much longer after punching the stitching holes. Holes which Ron had to do, as I wasn't strong enough. Once Ron finished I got one side of each of the four pieces on the belt stitched down (at that point the other sides popping loose would be only a very minor inconvenience), and worked on the shoulder-strap pieces.

While the shoulder-strap parts were drying after gluing, I went back to sewing the belt. By the time I finished that, the glue was dry enough on the other bits (less stress, didn't need overnight dry-time), and so I kept on working, and finished the last bit ofter dinner.

I did realize one potential problem Saturday night - we designed the belt loops on the pouches we did a few months ago to be relatively snug on the belt. But I forgot to allow for the dee rings on the edges of the belt. I think the dees will fold over enough to get pouches past them, I'll have to try it and see tonight. But even if not, oops.

I'm much more optimistic now about being able to get the map case made. And now I'm going to go e-mail the WindyCon Art Show to ask for space (I was holding off to make sure I did get the belt done).

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