Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Quick Update

Yes, long-time no-blog. Guilty guilty guilty.

Not posting doll clothes on another website after all, it turns out that it’s just a poorly-designed not-user- or seller-friendly bunch of links to doll clothes elsewhere.

Dining room disaster is still a disaster.

I was registered to sell at the Palatine Hometown Fest on Saturday and Sunday, and took Friday and Monday off as preparation and recovery days. Friday I got stuff together and Robin loaded Mongo, and I worked on tagging doll clothes and getting them into inventory. Loading included an EZ-Up, tails, extra gridwall and a couple extra small-small tables. Then Ron’s Friday went to hell in a handbasket, and he wasn’t going to be available to help set up, nor was Robin. Plus very very hot weather, and forecast thunderstorms.

I cancelled. I was much relieved after doing so. I think it’s only about the third cancellation in 20-mumble years. Definitely not sorry I did so as the weekend went on. Thunderstorms didn’t appear until late enough Sunday that they may not have been a problem, but still. 

I think it was the previous weekend I made 15 pairs of doll-size poofy pants in 25-1/2 hours. They go quick, since I used fold-over elastic (FOE) for the waistbands and cuffs. I also have several kuchi (Afghan) dresses and Hanbok (Koren outfits) done, or almost. I think I know what I need to do to my Tibetan chuba dress and coat patterns, plus the first pass of the chuba coat is about right to be a Chinese robe.

In preparation for the Hometown Fest I got a bounch of ribbon, so people could have sashes for their kosode/kimono. I ordered them from Amozon, where they were shipped from the seller in . . . Arlington Heights. One batch was all Halloween-ish, as I maayyybe have more than a few Halloween kosode. 

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