Saturday, December 10, 2016

Plans, Accelerated

Due to my inability to resist buying a (used) real full-sized drafting table, which we are picking up tomorrow, cleaning up the dining/work room became rather more urgent.

Got home from errands a bit after 1:00, and started work. I got the workmates cleaned off, and many things put away. Unfortunately, many little things. The tool drawers are higgledy-piggledy now, but they can be neatened up later. I have a lot of bags of hardware, which have been semi-sorted into bins. 

The big wood-and-concrete block shelves are staying, which as I said last time was okay. But I made a significant amount of room on the bottom shelf, and have packed it full. I have filled a large paper shopping bag with recyclables, and have a not-insignificant amount of rubbish in a 5-gallon bucket. Several loose rolls of leather have been re-rolled and secured with stretch wrap.

The kitchen is cluttered with things to go to storage. Also one of the workmate, the round folding gaming table, and a few other odds and ends. Therefore, dinner was pizza. 

Ron tried to get me to be done for the evening by plying me with alcohol - a lambic before dinner, and hard cider with. But I was stubborn, and did a little more work afterwards, getting all the books onto shelves. And now I have a bin full of manga to go to storage (unless Robin wants to keep some here at home and finds somewhere to put them).

Tomorrow morning we go to pick up the drafting table, probably with a stop at the storage locker. The table is going to have to be disassembled to fit through doors, don't know how exciting that will be (haven't seen it in person). Don't know if I'll get much done before we go, but I do want to get the shop-vac into the room and hit the floor. We'll see how much I can get done in the afternoon. 

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