Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Slump

In the last month-plus we've accomplished very little in the way of leatherworking. Nor have we cut down or done anything else with any of the new gridwall.

I have committed us to Windycon, and a gaming convention in the fall. Need to update the list of upcoming events. Plus I need to look at the information for next year's Geneva Steam Festival. 

The MuseCon book is done and has been sent to the printer, and Ron has posted PDFs of it and the schedule grid on the MuseCon website.  The grid is included in the book, but some people like to have it separately, and with double-sided printing it takes only a single sheet of letter-sized paper.

Skirt hikes are selling steadily on Etsy. I think it was two pairs over the weekend, and another two orders for three pairs today. 

In other news, we have new pets. I have Scatha the Worm, a Thayeri Kingsnake:  She's tiny, at about 14" long and 14 grams on Saturday. That's my little finger in the picture.

 Ron has Smaug, a ball python, about 18" long and 121 grams on Saturday:

AAARGH!  The kids from two doors down are over watering the neighbor's garden, and letting their dog enjoy the fenced yard. This is driving Tommy nuts, because I won't let him stay out and bark loudly and incessently. Pippin and Gimli can be polite, but Tommy is obnoxious. 

Time to retreat to the (air-conditioned bedroom, and shut the dogs in with me. Maybe Tommy will settle down...

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