Saturday, September 6, 2014

Doll Clothes

No progress on the new press, because life, the universe, and everything.

No leatherworking done, either, and the workroom is still a disaster, and because life, the universe, and everything, and it probably won't get any better tomorrow.

OTOH, I have been working on new products - Japanese-style doll clothing.  Natter and some pictures on my personal blog recently.

Earlier this week I cut out some robes from a brocade remnant I bought for doll clothes, and satin left from sewing projects. I've been hand-hemming, because top-stitched machine-sewn hems (which I do on our garb) don't make me happy for doll clothes. But the little tiny stitcjphes that are almost invisible on cotton calico (quilter's cotton) show up a lot more on satin.

I deided to try facings, showing on the outsides of the garments, using satin ribbon, which meant going to the fabric store for ribbon (statins and brocades ravel if you even *think* of looking at them! which I can cope with for main pieces and collars, but not facings.  That went well, but then I wandered back and discovered calico on sale.  

These three resulted (dime for scale), for one outfit:

The zig-zags will be the outer robe, with the dark teal for the collar and also hakama (trousers, or a skirt). The light teal (it really is, our red blinds mess with lighting color) for an under-robe.

Then we were discussing "kawaii" (roughly cuteness, consult Wikipedia for an overview), and these resulted:

During the discussion Ron said the fateful words "Hello Kitty", at which point fate laughed at us:

Yeah, Hello Kitty fabric. Yes, the pink is a little paler than optimal, but it has *glitter* in it. Glitter won.  The polka-dot ribbon is for sashes. I have enough fabric for a set of doll and human-sized robes. I'm sorta-kinda trying to resist, but that's probably futile.

Haven't tried using the ribbon as facings yet, Ron's body likes to get us up in the wee hours of the morning every couple/few years for ER tris for pain meds for kidney stones, and today was one of those days, so this afternoon I took a nap instead of sewing (or attacking the workroom).

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