Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More Progress than Expected

After dinner last night, Ron went upstairs to work on business cards, and I sat down at the big sewing machine to sew the backs onto some satchels and pouches.

I started with the two satchels, then moved on to the belt satchels. I did all six of those, and Ron was still going, so I kept going on the little tabbed pouches. And got through all those, too. 

By the time I finished, I was getting tired, so I decided not to start putting bindings on the flaps.

I forgot a step-and-a-bit yesterday. After putting the binding on the flaps, then we install the flap part of the closures, and put the shoulder strap on the satchels. So these 18 things are getting closer to being finished.

In addition, I finished lacing up a softish pouch, and have another mostly done.  

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