Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Not Much to Natter About

Confirmed for Festival of Maidens.

Found another source for thread for the big sewing machine, and discovered that the lightest weight thread I have for it may work in my consumer-level machines. Called Durkopp-Adler and got an answer to a question I had about using that weight thread for bobbins for the big machine (usually you want to match top and bobbin threads, but there are exceptions).

After ordering thread from the new-to-me supplier I found a couple other things on their website I should have ordered. Primary is "thread sock", expandable net fabric that keeps thread on cones under control. $2/yard, $9 for 10 yards. I just need to double-check that it will fit the big 1-lb cones.  Other is inexpensive baby cones of regular sewing thread for my standard machines.



Found a source for "Jean Rivets", and ordered a bunch for a non-Otter project which ate my weekend, and which I blathered on about on Google Plus and my personal blog at great length already.

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