Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Monday and Tuesday Not as Planned

For various reasons, Monday evening and Tuesday were pretty much a complete loss.  

On the other hand, during Monday night's or Tuesday's flailing about, I got an Etsy order for a little square soft belt pouch, and last night while I was at my current Graphic Arts class (Variable Data Technologies, aka Junk Mail Production), Ron took a message from someone who phoned with questions about a possible order.

Also, the zip ties and zip tie gun arrived yesterday, as expected. 

This morning, no longer being at the end of my rope, I dug the little black belt pouch for the Etsy order out of the bins, and located a couple possible items for the phone customer. While doing so I pulled out the garb, and found the receipt books. 

I pulled the things off of Etsy and ArtFire that sold at Boar's Head, and figured out how to do a US Postal Service shipping label with postage. I'd tried once before, but their helper application is Windows-only. Although this morning I figured out it's an unnecessary app, you just open the file the web site generates in Adobe Acrobat and print from there.  Yay me!  

I did have a space cadet moment and set it up to mail from the office (even with home as the return address), instead of just sticking it in our mailbox at home - with is plenty big enough for the box in question.  Duuuh.  Oh well, it didn't change the postage, just caused an unnecessary carrying-about of an 8-ounce box this morning.  Oooh, the tragedy.  

So, I still need to wash some garb and put other stuff away, and do books, but the more pressing post-event business is taken care of. 

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