Monday, August 22, 2011

Progress Lurches Along

Last weekend I found a bin of new(ish) merchandise in the living room, and inventoried it.  It included the new(ish) smaller purses.  I thought we took pictures of those purses already, but either:
(A) I'm hallucinating; or
(B) they were never pulled off a memory card and are now lost

The original plan for the weekend was to take pictures of the stuff in the bin (mostly pouches), and belts.  

Didn't happen.

Saturday was pretty much a write-off, for reasons including Robin's midday karate class, lack of sleep, and other not-particularly-germane things.

The "one of everything" belt bin did get in from the trailer, though; and I've just sent it upstairs to Ron's room.  

I did not go through all the bins in the trailer and pull out the stuff for sale on-line, because Marmaduke was over yesterday and he and Robin were busy gaming, and today I just wasn't up to it, and I don't think Robin was either.

I did cut out a prototype for a small stitched pouch to possibly make in a class at next year's MuseCon.  It's currently stalled on needing to be taken out to the dining room and having a stud put on it.  Then I can do the last seam and it will be done.  More natter about that later, probably.

We also added another piece of furniture to the dining room.  Ron remembered that we have had a stainless-steel workbench in pieces in the basement. Yesterday morning it was brought up and re-assembled, to be used for lampworking and whatever else one could use a table/workbench for. It sits right in front of the window in the room that opens, so we could even rig an exhaust port for wintertime lampworking.

Unfortunately, I think the addition of said piece of furniture is going to lead to rearranging more or less of the rest of the furniture, so that we can use the big sewing machine.  If we're lucky it'll just be moving the sewing machine over a bit.  Or maybe swapping it with the shelving unit (with wheels!) that holds the splitter and other things.  I considered attacking it yesterday when Marmaduke was over to help Robin move heavy things, but decided that was too much like work.   

I've decided that I'm going to get new fixtures for the track lighting in the dining room.  The halogens we've currently got out there are just too [expletive] hot.  And unlike the track lights in the living room we can't just switch to flourescent bulbs - I'm going to have to get new flourescent-compatible  fixtures (the current ones hold onto the rim of the halogen bulbs, so it's a form-factor thing).  

So that's where we are - a little progress that I can see, but not that's particularly visible to anyone else.

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