Friday, March 18, 2011

Accomplishments, or Lack Thereof

This week I've been fairly distracted by spinning, as evidenced by the volume of spinning natter over on my personal blog.  

I could claim that my hands and wrists were tired of hand-sewing and lacing, and I've been giving them a break.  There would even be some truth to that statement.  It would not, however, explain my lack of Etsy/ArtFire updates (insert guilty look here).  

I did get an order directly attributable to the craft fair, so I'll be starting that (and finishing, with luck) this weekend.  I just need to find a book of the appropriate thickness at home so I can figure out how much leather wrapping a cover around it will take.  Oooh, I dunno, finding a book in our house . . . 

I also need to do the books from the craft fair (which shouldn't take long), and do the inventory update and price-tag new-ish finished things (a larger job).  Which I'm not making any promises on.

On the Design front, this week we started our big project for the term in GRA102 - Graphic Arts 101, but more so.  (yeah, I'm just a liiiitle bored, I'm not sure we've done much new yet, except for things I already am familiar with in InDesign.  Sigh).  It's a folder, business card, and inserts for a business or organization.  Can you guess what business I might possibly do?  

When we were supposed to do sketches of several possible logos I asked if I really needed  to do that, since I have an established logo.  The instructor said no, but please sketch what it is.  Thank Ghu she's wasn't expecting a good sketch.  

My plan is that the overall package will be for Otter Necessities Design Services.  I'll include not one, but two business cards - Otter Necessities Design Services, and Ron's photography business cards.  We have an option of doing a set of 4 insert sheets in stepped heights, or a mumble-page insert stapled into the folder.  I'm thinking . . . both.  The stepped sheets in the left-hand pocket of the folder, and then making the stapled insert a mini-portfolio.  Yeah, I think I can generate that much content, especially if I include things like retouching work Ron's done on old family photos, and re-purposing old advertising posters I've done for MuseCon, and custom leather presentation folders/binders.  The only hitch may be time.   

Also been poking at Publications stuff for both MuseCon and Windycon.  A week after MuseCon I get to put the Progress Report mailing for Windycon.  Wheee!  Nothing like a packed schedule!

I've decided not to take any Graphic Arts classes over the summer, still waffling about fall.  But I can wait on that.   

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