Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Digression

Yeah, DucKon, particularly me doing Publications, kinda killed The Steampunk Project for a while. Must get back to work.

But first, a digression, since I can't get !@#$%^& to cooperate. Pictures of The Tree of Damocles:

The first one is a close-up of the power line and the half-tree. You can see why we're concerned, I think.

The second shot shows better how much of the tree is down - at least 30 ft., Ron suggested closer to 40 - the hives, the post for the dog cable (that silver cable running through the center of the shot), and the pine tree are about the center of our 60 ft wide yard, and the tree is within a couple feet of the fence.

The post for the dog cable is behind the hives, the tree ended up between that and the pine. It's not as tight a fit as it may look, there's some forshortening going on here.

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