Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Black Thread Experiment Conclusions, and Other Pictures

Sorry, didn't mean to leave the results of the black thread vs white thread with black wax experiment on hold so long. Warning, this is a picture-heavy post.  Click to embiggen.

Here are the prepared sample strips, and my right hand, showing a dye smudge or two:

The "W" and "D" on the test strips indicate which run of stitching is the thread that was (factory) dyed black with beeswax, and which is (off-) white linen with the black encaustic media/wax.

Here's the sample strips with the white and dyed black stitching done, then both sides once the stitching with the black-waxed thread was done:

I was somewhat surprised there were no black smears on the leather, given the state of my hands:

Ron took the strips to our usual Wednesday night gathering, and the consensus was that the only way to tell the difference between the two rows of stitching was thread weight - my white and black linen threads are different weights.

Decision: I'm going to just use the black thread. The end result is virtually indistinguishable, and while beeswax may sometimes leave my hands a little sticky, it doesn't leave them smeary. If you look at the beeswax as a by-product of honey production, it comes out cheaper than the encaustic media.

CodCon prep continues, I'm optimistic that I can finish tonight, so that I can finish Ron's hakama tomorrow night. Contrary to my expectation, Cabela's called this morning and my ammo cans are in.

Disapproving Dog disapproves of getting ready for events:

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