Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Rare Weekend Post!

We've gotten a lot of things done this weekend, despite the fact that my only accomplishments Friday night were folding some laundry and picking Robin up from his D&D game. 

In happy news, the sold-via-Etsy pouch we needed to find was in Thing 2. So was the bin of odds and ends that I wanted to sort. Xap and I did inventory the belts in The Grinch, also. My inventory sheet was definitely incorrect, most likely cause is a batch of belts made and packed into The Grinch, but not recorded. There are worse ways to screw up inventory.

After playing with it, Xap concurred that the POS app, RingItUp, by PingySoft (.com) looked good, so I bought it. Ron has customized the receipt and done some experimentation with reports, etc. Although RingItUp does not synchronize things if you use it for one business on two iWhatsits, Ron has the power of Perl, and is plotting on how to crunch data to create unified reporting, etc.

Yesterday's accomplishments also include:
  • Cutting out parts for the two custom pouches ordered at CodCon.
  • Realizing I screwed a part for one up, and we also needed to mold the front for it, as I'd forgotten we'd dyed it black playing with the airbrush a couple/few weeks ago.
  • Ron airbrush-dyed hard pouch fronts and some other pouch parts.
  • I cut out backs for 6 hard pouches, main parts two lace mania pouches and two more belt pouches which I've made previously as purses. 
  • Taught Xap to do the lacing for pouch flaps
  • Saw a production of "Oliver" at Cutting Hall
Today was even busier:
  • Molding the front for the custom pouch (had hoped to do it last night, but it needed more moisture)
  • I cut strips for belt loops, which Ron thinned down and cut to size. Lots of belt loops.
  • Robin cut strips for holding the dees on the back of pouches (for use as sporrans)
  • Ron cut those strips and some others to length and punched holes. Almost 40 of them.
  • The six hard pouches are ready to lace, which involved marking, gluing, trimming, more marking, making holes, taking corners off of edges, still more marking, setting rivets to hold latches on, more marking, more holes, attaching belt loops to dee-holder parts and riveting to the pouches, and, finally, dyeing edges. 
  • Making pastichio for dinner
  • Packing up the pouch retrieved from Thing 2 yesterday to mail out tomorrow
I am . . . not entirely impressed with ACen's exhibitor registration system. It seems to require human button-pushing to advance steps, which seem that they should be able to automate. I've been trying unsuccessfully to pay since Thursday morning, so this morning I sent e-mail asking what was up with that and several other items. This afternoon I got e-mail with the instructions how to do so and a contract to sign and return. Not sure if my e-mail jogged things loose, or if they passed in the ethernet.

I think its about time for bed now.

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