Thursday, April 25, 2013

ACen Update

We are approved to be dealers at ACen.
We have chosen a location in the dealer's room/hall.
I am not quite rational. I was worse before breakfast, when I got the confirmation e-mail and we chose our spot.

Still have to pay, and send in a signed contract, but at this point those are semi-formalities, the reality is that we'll be in the ACen dealer's room.

I don't think I'm having second thoughts this point (second-dozen? second-hundred?), but there was the chance that we would not be approved, or the room would fill up before we were approved. But we've been continuing on the assumption that we would get in.

I've updated the Intuit account, which upped the limit for how much would be immediately deposited to my bank account (funds over the limit can be held for up to 30 days). I've also signed up for a Square account.  

Investigating POS (Point of Sale) software for the iThingies. The first three were eliminated for combinations of not meeting my (possibly odd) requirements, or having a monthly subscription fee of Way Too Much. I think I've found one, with a one-time Reasonable Cost to buy, which will work. 

Determined that buying a battery-operated receipt printer is probably going to be Way Too Much. However, a friend of ours who is good at finding tech cheap is aware of what we're looking for, so I'm not discounting it yet.

The ACen rules require that the sides of displays along the booth limits have to be curtained. Had one idea how to do that, but came up with a better one, which Ron refined, and Xap is now following up on.  

Last year's ACen attendance was 24,000. Twenty-four thousand. That's 20 times the size of WindyCon or DucKon, at its peak a few years ago when Jim Butcher was GoH.  My mind boggles. Really really boggles.

We will not be doing Northshield Crown, given this news. Ragnarok Rampage may be questionable, if we sell lots and lots of stuff.


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  1. Have fun.

    Mega shows can be a bit different (at least based on my experience as an attendee of Comic-Con and an exhibitor at Wondercon Anaheim - albiet in the fan table area).

    Good Luck.