Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ordering Judiciously

I wanted to order ALL THE THINGS today.

However, maturity whacked me upside the head last night and reminded me that shelter, sustenance, and internet access are also important things to have.

So I ordered furry bits and hardware.

Another bit of caution that clobbered me today was the question of legality on furry bits. It would probably be really really bad to have a co-worker, one of the Conservation Police Officers (CPOs) bust me for being a poacher.

I have sadness. My Google-Fu failed me. And the DNR website do sucketh, verily, in some regards. I found the hunting and trapping regulations, and I found the rules and regulations for being a taxidermist, but nary a peep on what you have to do to legally buy furry bits.

I schlepped down the hall to the CPO's neighborhood. One of the senior officers, who is also a taxidermist, was expected in "shortly" - three and a half hours ago. Note please, I'm not complaining, he's probably out doing interesting law-enforcement things.

But I wanted to buy things, and exercised my Google-Fu some more, and found a company that deals in furry bits here in Illinois.

I threw myself on their mercy and asked my question about legality. And then called back to place an order when their on-line system and/or my browser got in a snit and refused to proceed to checkout.

Then I placed an order for some more furry bits at the place I'd originally planned to order, in Idaho, who I get antler tips from. The Idaho company has more detailed descriptions, bet the Illinois one has better prices, so I decided to split the order and see who I like best for furry bits.

I ordered tails: mostly fox, anb also ermine, raccoon, coyote, and two coyote faces. The faces are for sporrans, as are the ermine tails - although I'm also going to offer them up at SCA events.

Then I ordered hardware: swivels to put on the tails, plus rivets and rivet sets and awl hafts and blades for sale.

Decided to postpone ordering yarn and knitting needles for sale until (hopefully) next payday. We have two different lace-weight alpaca yarns, from two different suppliers to choose from. Request to one supplier of knitting needles for a wholesale account was turned down, waiting to hear from another.

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