Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Inventory Update

I bit the bullet after dinner last night and revised how I'm doing inventory for leather and hardware, going back to the beginning of 2012. I know a bunch of the numbers aren't correct, but at least now I have the outline to work from.

I don't necessarily track how many of each thing I have for leather and hardware, but I do need to know how much I paid for materials, so I can figure my costs with something approaching reasonableness, if not actual accuracy. I have a list of hardware that I offer for sale in my inventory spreadsheets, and a couple sheets of materials costs in my cost computation spreadsheets, but they weren't scaling in terms of either time or variety of items very well. Hopefully the new method, which I intend to involve less (re-)typing and more cutting and pasting will work better.

I'm really ready to be done with the hot and sticky weather. In the 70s with light breezes and negligible humidity would be very nice, thanks.

The house is a disaster (clutter). I'm beginning to wonder if I can claim a cleaning service as a business expense. Or maybe medical: to help maintain my sanity. Getting the big belt bin into the trailer sometime before Saturday morning should help. A little. Also see above re: weather.

Got feedback from two students regarding our leather sewing workshop at MuseCon. Need to work a little bit on organization/presentation, but nothing too bad.

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