Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Addenda to Yesterday's Post

Now that the Xanax has worn off, let's touch on some of the things I missed last night. Still tired, mind, but at least I can keep more than one thought in my head at a time.

Along with book cover and pouch kits, I also remembered to pack the hand-sewing tools and rivets for sale, as well as the first two volumes of "The Art of Making Leather Cases" that I have for sale. "The Art of Hand-Sewing Leather" is currently in hiding, need to find that.

Saturday was somewhat windy, so I put the binder of patterns on the table, but decided not to mess with the un-spun alpaca fiber.

I need to make more pouches, so I was able to put out tools and kits without packing the tables too much, but it's going to get challenging when I add the yarn and knitting needles. OTOH, the new literature rack should help on that.

We sold about as many belts as we did not-drawstring pouches, which was reassuring - belt sales have languished the last few events. I think it was just a fluke.

I'm down to two small drawstring bags. I think a bunch were bought by the other vendor at CodCon, but that still means I could use to make more.

Ron decided to bring honey, and we sold several jars. Not sure if he's planning on bringing it to the con this weekend (probably should check the vendor contract re: food).

We've filled the belt road case, as we have more belt styles than fit in the "one of everything" drawer, and are low on london tan belts. One option is a second set of drawers that's designed to bolt on top, some of which have a pull-out shelf so we could put our iPad (which has mostly replaced the paper receipt book), pens, etc.

Yeah, about adding tails, tools, kits, more frog, sword hangers, knitting needles, and yarn. The words "need another road case soon" were uttered. Yes, there is room in the trailer. No, we're trying not to do that yet, it's not a minor purchase (or purchases, if we get a top case for the big green bin). No, we don't have any bins left, they've been glommed up by other things or in a couple cases thrown out (it takes a lot to wear out a Rubbermaid Roughneck bin, but we have done it). Plus the road cases are so much easier to deal with than bins.

I managed to get everything packed into less volume than it went to the event in, through the act of packing things in things, and gaining space by selling things. Packing things in things is the act of taking smaller merchandise, like tools, and little pouches, and putting them in larger pouches. Voila! Less space used! And it helps keep the larger pouches from getting squished. Putting things in things is something I've done for years, but I think I'm going to start pushing the boundaries...

Excited about getting the yarn and knitting needles. I want to pet the yarn. I want to see what the needles are like. Hopefully they have nice lace-friendly points and the circulars have smooth joins. Oh, the fun of buying things based on little-bitty pictures on-line.

Also, the marvel of clicking on the "pay now" button 4 days ago, and having the things arrive all the way from China today. Come to think of it, even just the marvel of small business like me ordering from a supplier in China.

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