Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Instant Schedule, Just Add E-Mail

Yesterday Xap asked me about Maneki Neko Con, a brand-shiny new anime con down in the south 'burbs, that we'd talked about before.

Although I'm pretty sure I looked at the website, it never made it onto my schedule spreadsheet of things that we are, might be, or are not doing. And the convention is the 29th.

I decided to drop the organizers e-mail to see if there was still space in the vendor's room.

There is (was?).

Ron didn't see a problem doing Fox Hunt and Maneki Neko Con on successive weekends, especially as they're both one-day cons.

So I responded last night, asking for two spots, and have just mailed off my paperwork.

In further convention news, the e-mail contact I found for Not-Responda-Con is for someone organizing certain games. However, he said he'd forward my contact information on to the right people (in my e-mail I asked if he was a general or gaming-only contact and mentioned I'd been trying to get vendor information). But I'm still not holding my breath.

If that one works out, it would mean events three weekends in a row, winding up with a weekend-long convention. Eep.

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  1. For what it is worth, Conjecture is now 3 weeks out and I still have a few tables in the Dealers' Room/Fan Table area (or at least I think I do unless a whole lot more fan tables than my current estimates are needed).