Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Program Book Death March

In today's episode of The Program Book Death March:

The Grid. Formatted, squished, squeezed, squashed, and put in the book.

Grid construction interrupted by unexpected Drobo shutdown. Hopefully it was just bitching about the heat, not on a death march itself. Only minor work lost, continued from laptop's local drive.

Note to self: synch machines when venture downstairs again.

Icons put with each programming item description.

Item numbers assigned, put in grid, and scribbled on paper copy of description section.

Butt tired.

Artwork things discussed.

Not done:


Fix Special Guests page.

Covers/2013 ad/hotel map.

Compared to some books, this death march isn't actually too deathly. Sunday I didn't start until the afternoon,I've quit at reasonable times every day, and I ignored the text Monday and Tuesday (actually necessary for proofreading). And I think I may be done for today.

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