Monday, January 14, 2013

Things Accomplished, Mostly

Big pile of sporrans, belt satchels, and little tabbed pouches done. A couple still left in the dining room, which probably won't be done for Maidens, nor will the leather satchels.

6 out of 7 "hanging" hard pouches are done, the last one is down to lacing about halfway around (an hour's work or less).

Swivels sewn onto 3 of the 6 tails yesterday, quit when my hands got tired.

Saturday evening and Sunday morning we made new hardware displays, for all the buckles and dees, which includes (changeable) tabs with prices for each. It was a slow, tedious process, but needed to be done. I'll try to get pictures tonight. Still need to finish them off, by figuring out how we're going to hang them up.

Got leather from new supplier. I got a side of a golden brown, which is a little darker than what I've been getting, but I think will be fine. I also got two bellies in black and two in brown, and a set of samples of all their leather.

The hardware display used up one of the brown bellies, and a strip out of the other. This is not a problem, making the displays let us find out how it cuts and splits in thickness (nicely), and it was also very inexpensive leather (but good quality).

Went to the local Leather Factory store Saturday morning. The intention was to make a commando shopping run just for some chicago screws to make the hardware displays. Fail on that front, but we've had worse fails.

Need to make belts for Maidens, and I got an Etsy order this morning for colors I'm going to be making anyway. I suppose I could go out to The Grinch, dig out the belts for the order, then make replacements. There are arguments for going that route, or for just making and sending out new belts, we'll see what we end up doing.

Need to get the new pouches tagged, and all the new stuff into inventory.  Before Friday. Whee!

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