Monday, January 7, 2013

Getting Better, Still Productive

Getting over whatever Ron and I had. Not sure if Robin has/had it, but suspect so.

Wednesday and Thursday I ordered leather; some more leather, thread, and other odds and ends; lace; and rotary latches. Friday I stayed home again, and spent a good half the day doing work-work, succeeded in not dropping my book in the tub when I repeatedly dozed off, and got nothing Otter-ish done. I didn't even open the package from the fur supplier to pet the new tails.

I did open the tails on Saturday, after having Robin fetch a Rubbermaid bin to stow them (and finished pouches) in. Pippin demonstrated the wisdom of that precaution by wanting to be very helpful.

Saturday afternoon and yesterday I worked on all the sporrans, little tabbed pouches, and belt satchels. I've got, IIRC, 14 of them almost-almost done, needing just the half of the latches or stud that go on the flap. Two more bright blue ones I think I'm going to do the final top-stitching on in bright blue; that and latches/studs are all that's left on those. That leaves two leather satchels from the cutting-out binge, and one weekend between now and Maidens.

OTOH, I also need to make a new hardware display (or two), hand-sew swivels on tails, get all the new stuff tagged and into inventory, and I keep meaning to update the price list from a spreadsheet to a nice e-book document.  And bracers. We need more bracers. So, not sure if I'll do the satchels or not. Leaning toward doing them, though.

I was going to get Ron's help on the hardware display yesterday, but he scampered off to do not-Otter things, and when he got home I was ready to be done for the day. Both Saturday and Sunday I was also distracted a bit by a MuseCon thing.

Although I'm feeling better in general, I'm still tired today. Woke up for a call of nature in the wee hours, and was awake for an hour or more. Once kinda nice thing about being sick was that when I went to bed I'd fall asleep almost instantly, and sleep soundly, so I suppose not-sleeping is a sign of getting better. Or sleeping in too late yesterday morning. Or maybe just too many covers.

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