Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mondays, Bleah

What fool said they were going to try to get something done last night? Oh yeah, me.  I should know better than to try to make plans to accomplish things on Mondays. Even when I should, because I have a meeting tonight.

Sorry, didn't get pictures of the new hardware displays, or even get hanging sorted on them. 

Nor did I make belts. This morning Ron fetched the belts for the order we get yesterday from the trailer, so they did get packed and mailed out. Note to self, add those belts to list of what I need to make.

Also discovered that you can't do media mail (for something else) postage on-line, you have to take it to the Post Office. Grumble. Maybe tomorrow on the way home I'll take care of that. 

On the good side, the lace I ordered arrived yesterday, before I ran out of black. 

Waffling between taking a half-day or full day off Friday for prep and travel for Maidens. Leaning toward a full day, for sanity's sake. See above about last night and tonight. Related to that is waiting to find out what's up at work with training tentatively scheduled for the week between Military History Fest and Capricon.

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