Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Plans and More Plans

Just realized that the Northshield Fall Coronation is almost here, dropped the merchant coordinator a note to ask if parking is trailer-friendly (at a college in Milwaukee). Barring unhappy answers about that or merchant space, the plan is to be there.

I think we're good for selling at Fox Hunt, later in September.

Mailed my application for Military History Fest off last week. Don't see us on the list of vendors yet, but haven't heard that they're full, either, so I'll put it down as tentative for now. Three 8' tables/spaces. I'm a bit eep-y about that, but at the same time I know I can fill that much space. Especially if I get to work.

For one thing, we need belts. Badly. Fortunately, I think I have enough black leather to do something about that, and we had a budgetary infusion that will assist. Must check and see what I really really need to order (vs. could use to get), and make.

Pulled out some pouches that just need to be laced up the other day, but haven't started actually working on them. I've been distracted with practicing ukulele in the evenings, and boring stuff like housework. And sleeping.

Between the usual Saturday morning running about and the MuseCon wrap-up meeting/party Saturday afternoon/evening the day was pretty much a loss. And then we slept in Sunday morning, rather later than normal. We did get out to a store we'd found out about in Volo. Not much leather, but Ron succumbed to the lure of tools he didn't have.

And I got a pattern, which I've just remembered was missing instructions. Must call and see about that.

I did get the tools that went to MuseCon sorted and put away on Sunday morning. Now I've got a toolbox of duplicate tools for teaching sewing, and a bin of project parts. Still need to get or find a binder to put the instructions in, but getting more organized.

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