Sunday, May 13, 2012

Satchels & Belt Satchels & Sporrans, Oh My

Friday evening I made a sporran for one of Ron's co-workers. I used the pattern for the "Lace Mania" pouch we make, but cut it out of upholstery leather and machine-sewed it with all the seams inside, and put a rolled binding on the flap. It looks pretty good for a prototype sporran.

Yesterday I drew the Lace Mania pattern up in CAD, as my old original cardboard pattern is getting a bit worn. Then I went out to the dining room with the new version, and cut out out two more black sporrans, two black satchels, three black belt satchels (having forgotten I already had three cut out), and some of the new soft pouches that I'm still waiting on cutting dies to make tabs for.

Today I finished up two belt satchels that have been sitting around mostly-done for ages, and a satchel and belt satchel I'd cut out of copper-colored leather a week or two ago. I still need to put the shoulder strap on the satchel, but that can wait until I have others done, and I'll do a bunch at once.

I'd hoped to get more sewing done, but I started out the day by sorting hardware, and then I cut and split down a bunch of dark brown binding strips for the things I worked on today. A couple strips would have been sufficient, but I decided that since I was at it I might as well do a bunch. So now I've got some for later.

I think next I'll do some of the black belt satchels, and/or the sporrans. Now that I've gotten started on the sewing I can work on them in the evenings.

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