Wednesday, May 23, 2012

(Graphic) Design Stuff

MuseCon party signs updated for WisCon, as well as the preliminary grid brochure.

I've been meaning to make a lighted sign to advertise nachos at parties, but failin to get a Round Tuit, and then realized yesterday that WisCon is careening closer. I e-mailed Ron links to a couple wooden boxes from Hobby Lobby and battery-operated LED lights from Ace to possibly pick up. But when I got home I discovered that he'd had a different idea - one of the glass-front jewelry display cases we'd gotten a while back from his sister, and a string of LED rope lights.

I'd been thinking of a battery-operated sign so we didn't have to worry about putting it near an outlet, but making one out of things sitting unused around the house is a win that trumps battery-operated.

While Ron was drilling holes for zip ties to keep the rope light under control, I made the sign portion. I based it on one of the party signs we made for Capricon, which was in turn inspired by an old mouse-trap ad. A friend of ours is printing it.

Here's a picture of the almost-completed sign. This is one of the party signs the final sign is based on, with a layer of paper behind it. You can still see where the individual LEDs in the rope light are, our plan is to have some white tissue paper to put behind the final sign, to see if that helps diffuse the light better. Painting the interior of the box white would also help, but that will have to wait until after WisCon (if we're going to keep doing nachos at parties - they were a flop at Cap).

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