Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Changing Storage Space, or, Elfa Binge, Part 1

Instead of staying home yesterday and relaxing/recovering from Capricon, we stayed kind-of home and did a bunch of running around.

You may remember this picture of the spare bedroom/letterpress studio:

Not shown going up the wall toward the ceiling are  3 more shelves of books.

This is what it looks like now:

3 of the shelves are gone, and replaced by Elfa "utility" pegboard-type panels, which lightens up the room and also makes it seem larger. And which will hopefully be useful for lettepress odds and ends.
Most of the books have been moved to the green bins, which will be moved to a storage locker, probably tomorrow. The air conditioners will also be going to the storage locker. The CDs that were on top of the air conditioners moved to some more Elfa storage racks on Robin's door. A certain percentage of our CD collection is more or less Robin's, so he is happy with this arrangement (and promptly set about rearranging so his favorites are the ones on his door). 

The shelves removed from the spare bedroom will be cut down, and moved to the dining room, above the bookshelf where the glass rack used to sit. I was thinking of putting a small filing cabinet, like the ones we got for storing letterpress blocks, on top of the bookshelf for pattern/template storage, but I decided shelves with letter-sorting trays on one or more shelves would work better. I'm thinking I may go back to The Container Store tonight (since today is the last day of the annual Elfa sale), and get one or two narrow panels of the pegboard-ish stuff.

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