Friday, March 29, 2013

Small Project Progress

The custom order has left the building. Last night we finished the belt (punch holes, cut to length), and it went out in today's mail.

The new press/setter arrived yesterday. Ron is very happy with it. For bonus happy points, it will use the same dies as our old one. 

Ron's made two trips to Leather Factory today. This morning he went and got another embossing die, which turned out to not fit our machine. This afternoon he went back and exchanged it for one that does fit (makes me wonder if the first one would fit their machine, or if it was a quality control failure). 

I suggested putting the embossing dies in the tool drawer with the cutting dies, but Ron  asked to stop and get a tackle-ish box like the ones we got for conchos, as there's not as much room as I was thinking in the drawer. 

Some of you may recall the knotwork design Ron has tattooed on his arm, which we refer to as "'Shrooms". Ron would like to get it done on embossing roll. The original paper copy is hiding, so I've re-drawn it, so Ron can scan it then trace it in Illustrator. 

Been lacing around the flaps for hanging pouches this week during my lunch breaks. The current roll of lace is shedding gobs of little-bitty black bits, and I had a meeting yesterday afternoon. But I'd thought ahead and worn a black shirt. 

When I was at the Leather Factory Wednesday I got a buckle, loop, and tip set with a celtic design, which has a matching concho. Instead of putting the hardware out for sale, I've decided to emboss a belt blank with the celtic design I picked up on the same trip, and put the belt buckle, etc. on it. 

Last night Ron was fooling around with the embosser making wristbands (not-girly bracelets), which is how he noticed we're low on snaps. So we may have some of those for sale. No pictures yet, though.

The stitched samples (white thread made black with black wax and black thread with beeswax) went to VS on Wednesday. The only way they could be told apart was that the white and black threads are slightly different weights. I've pretty much decided to just use black thread, but I promise a more complete discussion of the subject Real Soon Now.

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