Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Picture Time!

There should have been a picture of an embossing machine in Monday's post, but the trolls under the ethernet bridge seem to have eaten it.  How odd.

The embossing machine arrived yesterday. By the time I got home Ron had it temporarily screwed to a section of 2x8, for clamping into the jaws of a Workmate. A quick trip to the hardware store, a little drilling and cursing at recalcitrant nuts, and it was permanently mounted (I don't recommend clicking to embiggen this one, unless you want to see how bad the focus is):

Here's some scraps we were playing with:

On the way home from work I detoured to the Leather Factory store and picked up a couple more embossing rolls - one celtic knotwork, and one that looks like a strand of rope. I also have another one on order, with some single creasing rolls to stack on either side of one of the patterned rolls, like we did with multiple passes with a single roll in the top sample. The embosser came with two single rolls, but they're different widths; I ordered one more of each width, so we have a pair of each.

Tonight I finished the custom hanging pouch for the Etsy order I mentioned. Here it is with skirt hikes and the belt:

Here's Pippin telling me to quit messing around taking pictures and hand over his morning meds/treat:

Here's two pairs of skirt hikes, large and small rings:

And here's Pippin stubbornly insisting there's room on the couch for him, too (Sunday afternoon), while I sit on the floor cutting leather for hanging pouch backs:


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