Tuesday, December 4, 2012

State of Not-Much-Age

I've been doing lots of stuff the last couple-few weeks, just not Otter Necessities stuff. Mostly sewing.

I do have two and a third hard pouches to get done this week (one is about 2/3 done), a soft pouch that needs a chain-mail chain to hold a dummy-round peg, and straps to put on a couple leather satchels I made weeks ago. And catch up the books, at least sales/inventory. (Do not ask about getting purchases into the books).  Ron has two quivers to assemble, or at least one.

All the above are on the to-do list for Boar's Head on Saturday. Ron will be happy if he gets the large black quiver done, as that gives one of each size, right-handed in black. He can easily finish putting the medium-sized pretty spotty brown bison one together at the event.

Priority-wise, in the evenings I need to work on catching up the books in regard to sales/inventory, and packing up tools and other odds and ends that have wandered off around the house since the last event, and do the chain-mail, which requires a box of tools I don't otherwise want/need to take on Saturday. Lacing pouches I can do at the event, if I don't finish them during my lunch hours. Shoulder straps for the satchels can also be done on Saturday after setup.

Boar's Head will be the first outing for Thing 2. Due to playing with my shiny new serger and other not-Otter projects it won't go to Boar's Head full. Oops. Maybe it will come home echoingly empty, and with space left in Thing 1, and the cash box all happy and stuffed instead. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I can't remember if it was a Boar's Head or a Val Day that was our best single-day event.

Finally found a use for the older style buckles and "fancy" dees I used to use on belts, which I've been meaning to amputate and replace with newer hardware - they've been pulled off and used on kilts. Yay! No more old hardware!

Which reminds me, I need to root around in the hardware drawers on the big green road case (it needs a name, ala Thing 1 and Thing 2. Thing Green? Green Thing?) on Saturday and see what the hardware supplies look like. I try to keep the hardware inventory up to date, but even when I'm being diligent the on-paper and actual counts of dees and buckles tend to drift apart, and lately "diligent" has not been an accurate adjective.

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