Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Weekend Accomplishments

I got things done this weekend! Yay! 

Friday I declared myself insufficiently motivated to leave the house, so I stayed home and plugged away on the books. I got all the purchases/receipts I had in the main stack-o-paperwork sorted and into the books, including scanning several that are on the thermal paper that fades. Realized I'm missing the receipt for Thing2, and probably a couple/few other things, but I have ideas on where to look. 

Friday afternoon/evening I cut out black leather belt satchels and sporrans. I now have just shy of 20 soft leather satchels/pouches cut out.

Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday were spent on things like watching the first three episodes of "Wallender", grocery shopping, other shopping that one might or might not define as Christmas shopping, playing music, and lazy slug-liness. 

Monday and Tuesday - yes, I worked on Otter stuff on Christmas day - Ron waxed a half-dozen pouch fronts, I cut out 7 backs and flaps to make those hard pouch fronts and another one hanging pouches. Then we got the flaps marked and punched for lacing up. 

The steps in putting together a hanging pouch with a hard front are, roughly:
  • Cut out all the bits and pieces
  • Do all the fiddly bits on the flap and lace around the flap
  • Sew flap and belt loops onto back
  • Glue fronts onto backs and do fiddly bits
  • Peel front off of back and do other fiddly bits
  • Lace front onto back
Hmm. It must have been Monday that I cut a couple/few bellies and other odd bits of leather down into piles of:
  • Belt loops
  • Straps for sporran-hanging dees
  • Rolled-edge bindings
Meanwhile, Ron and Robin made Chex Mix and Muddy Buddies. Yum. 

The nice thing is making all those pieces reduced the surplus population of leather in the dining room. I actually found a chunk of FLOOR!

In addition to all that, yesterday we went to say Les Miserables and with much assistance from Robin I made a turkey dinner with all the stereotypically Thanksgiving-ish trimmings, with the substitution of steamed pudding for pumpkin pies. 

Not surprisingly, in 20-20 hindsight, I was a zombie by bedtime last night. 

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