Friday, June 15, 2012

Bits & Pieces

I was going to entitle this "evens and middles" as an opposite to "odds and ends", but it just didn't work. FWIW.

The new e-track and assorted other things arrived yesterday. Ron had told Robin that he would need to unload the trailer at some point in order to install it (getting it done last night or tonight is Right Out), then Xap and I had an attack of great minds thinking alike and both suggested that he install the e-track tomorrow, while the trailer is unloaded. We have battery-operated power tools, so that's the plan. Excuse me while I call Robin to make sure he's charging batteries . . .

Besides ordering e-track and fittings, I actually bought pre-made tent stakes. Modelmaker may harass me, since we have a forge and know how to use it, but at $5.50 for a 24" long 5/8" diameter stake, I decided lazy won. And wow, those are long hefty stakes! ( They don't have a full hook, but I think they have enough to use our stake-puller. I expect we'll find out tomorrow.

Still haven't made a cover/tablecloth for the big yellow road case, or done anything significant an my iPad/knitting bag, I've been working on MuseCon publications this week: the program book, and last night I did a 1/4-page ad for 2013 to run in the WorldCon program book.

Tonight I need to get some change for the cash box, and pack tools and garb. Ron already got munchies for tomorrow. Also need to remember to e-mail myself a couple spreadsheets so that I have them on my phone and iPad. And update the price list. And print out the appropriate sales tax cheat sheet and price list.

In my copious spare time (tm) . . .

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