Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Report

This weekend I worked on pouches!


Are you not surprised?

Le sigh.

Some elaboration, perhaps?

I wasn't the only one. Ron is getting to the point in his post-surgical recovery where he's feeling mostly human again, and did some machine-sewing on pockets. He probably would have done more, but I didn't have pieces ready for him to work on.

I didn't cut out anything new, but I did work on the big stack of cut-out parts. IIRC I have ten pouches to lace up at this point. A couple leftovers I didn't finish last week, a couple that I got mostly ready to lace last weekend and only had to do minor work on this weekend, and several that were just a pile of parts when I last posted. I could have worked on more parts, but I figured I had enough about mid- to late-afternoon yesterday.

And last night I finished a pouch not in the above count.

This morning I ordered latches and rivets, as some as my supplies are getting awfully low, as well as some other odds and ends.

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