Monday, April 30, 2012

Flailing, Satchels, Jumbo Dice Bag, Pictures

The quick recap of the weekend goes as follows:
Saturday: Flailing about
Sunday - Accomplished things, including:
  • a jumbo dice bag,
  • (Belt) Satchels,
  • order fulfillment,
  • and Bookwork
I finally realized WP has a cut-tag option, going to try that out, about . . . here. Expanded natter, with pictures, below the cut.

Saturday, the Day of Flail

My hope was to work on cutting things out this weekend. I sabotaged that from the first by forgetting to check if I had the conchos needed for the jumbo dice bag order before going to Leather Factory last Monday. I didn't, so Saturday morning we went there.

While we were there, we re-stocked on conchos, which will probably mostly be bought by people making keychains at MuseCon. I also got a new large cutting board, and dug in the large-scrap bins. One piece was a nice dark red, which turned out to be a really large one - like at least a half-cow, albeit with a couple holes. But plenty big enough for belt satchels, possibly a full-sized satchel.

Back home between other running around on Saturday, I cleaned off the table in the dining room that had become a Flat Surface (tm), and then engaged in an extended hunt for patterns. I dragooned Robin into going through fabric bins, in which I didn't find the patterns, but I did pull out some fabric to make a cover for the big yellow road case. I found the patterns lurking on the shelf just inches from where I thought they were. If they had teeth they'd have bitten me the first few times I looked. Yes, I felt quite intelligent.

I never did cut anything out Saturday, although I debated different ways of making the giant drawstring bag.


After breakfast Sunday we went out to Home Depot, originally planning to get a piece of plywood quartered to park bins on for outdoor events. Instead we got 2'x2' sheets of flooring underlayment, which has plastic on one side with a significant tread-like pattern on one side, plus other odds and ends. When we came home Ron rearranged the trailer (to distribute the load better in relation to the axles), and we dug out some pouches to take pictures of, and one for an internet order.

Giant Drawstring Bag

When we got back I made the giant drawstring dice bag that I'd gotten an order for at CodCon. The four side panels are 8-1/2" x 14", the bottom is 8"x8", made out of black upholstery leather. Here it is with a bag of black garment scrap.

And here it is, stuffed with said bag of scrap. Oops, I forgot to get a picture after the Chinese-style dragon conchos were put on.

The square in this shot has 12" and 8" arms.

We put a bunch of dice and beads in it, tied it shut, turned it upside-down, and shook. Only the little bright-blue bead at the lower left escaped. Some of the other beads in the lower-right pile are smaller. We decided it was sufficiently dice-tight, if the purchaser has really small dice, he'll have to put them in something else inside this bag. There should be plenty of room...

Satchels and Belt Satchels

After lunch, I started cutting out satchels and belt satchels. For some reason I was oddly reluctant to cut into the whole hides (I'd ended up using large scrap for the dice bag), so I cut out three belt satchels from black large-scrap, and a full-sized satchel and a belt satchel from a piece from the large-scrap bin that looked rust at the store, but turned out to be metallic copper.

Four belt satchels and one large satchel don't sound like a lot, compared to what I've been accomplishing lately, but I reminded myself that each have four pieces, vs. the one or two of soft pouches, and (belt) satchels are mostly scissor-cut curves, as opposed to lots of straight-lines done with the rotary cutter. So that wasn't a bad amount to do.

Orders and Bookwork

I'd gotten an order via ArtFire (finally! was beginning to worder if AF was a waste of time/money!) overnight, so after starting dinner I packed up that and the jumbo dice bag and got them in the books.

After dinner I did the books from CodCon. Not very efficiently, but I plowed my way through them. Still need to clean up my desk-like Flat Surface in the living room and get recent purchases in the books, but this was progress.

Plans for Tonight

Not sure what's on the agenda for tonight. I could cut out more satchels and belt satchels, or I could work on the books, or I could goof off. Considering I had some not-sleeping issues last night, goofing off may win.

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