Sunday, February 27, 2011

Progress Progressing

I cut out two more smaller purses Thursday, one in chestnut (red-brown), and one black, both to have black gussets.  

Then while I was working on them yesterday I made what may have been a tactical mistake.  I put the chestnut back/flap with the black front, and the black back/flap with the chestnut front.  They look really good that way, but that's not what I meant to do.  Ron said I should go for it.  They're ready to stitch/lace.

So yesterday I tried again at cutting out a black new small purse.  All that's left to do with that is the stitching holes, and the actual stitching and lacing.  I forgot how little time one thing takes, I've been doing mass production so much.

This afternoon we finally got pictures taken of the newest purses and some pouches I'd finished.  Here's a picture of taking a picture:

Sorry about the funny vertical bars, Ron's guess is that they're caused by a strobe effect from his flourescent photographic lights.  

Yes, the pouch is levitating.  Kinda.  No, there was no photoshopping, rotating the picture, etc.  

Magnets, however...

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