Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Not Quite Not Quite as Planned

I didn't work on hanging pouches last night, I worked on soft pouches instead. 

I decided to wait on the hanging pouches until I got the last flap laced (which is much easier to do before the flap is sewn onto the back, which I was going to do at lunch today. But when I was packing my bag this morning I packed one of the hanging pouches that had the cutting fail and will have the front and back hand-sewn together. Oops. 

Not a big deal, since we have a meeting tonight, so I probably won't have time to work on the pouches much anyway. I'll do the flap tomorrow, probably get the flaps (machine) sewn onto the backs tomorrow night, and possibly get the fronts and backs glued together. I doubt we'll get as far as trimming, though. 

The black lace I ordered week before last arrived last night. That's not bad for this company, sometimes they actually have to make (cut) the lace before they can send it, I've had it take as long as a month between ordering and receiving.  

I forgot to mention yesterday that both Ron and I are on the injured list:

Mine is minor, but annoyingly painful at times: ever had a dry skin crack in a fingertip, off the corner of a fingernail?  Yeah, one of those. Middle finger on my right hand, toward my index finger. Hopefully bandaids and antibiotic ointments will get it to heal reasonably quickly, but based on past experience I suspect it's going to annoy me for a while.

Ron's managed to do something to his right thumb. I suspected using the pliers-type hole punch on the bottle parts (similar issues is why I went to using a punches), but he says no, he uses his palm/finger muscles for that more than his thumb. He got a brace yesterday morning, hopefully a couple/few days of rest will take care of whatever. My left thumb sympathizes, it gets sore in about the same places, but since I'm right-handed its easier to be careful with.

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