Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Extended Weekend Wrap-Up

By the time I finished blogging yesterday (posting here and a long one to the personal blog), I had a very sore lower back. Partly just from lots of working on lots of things over the weekend, but mostly because when I was sorting through the scrap pile, and to a lesser extent working on belt loops and straps for bottles, I spent a lot of time sitting in a chair, and reaching down to the floor. Bad idea. My body may not like sitting on the floor, but it would have been less bad than what I did. Getting chilled while sitting at the computer, and the thermostat rolling back to the "nobody home" setting probably didn't help. A hot shower and Alleve seem to have mostly taken care of it.

Things we accomplished over the 3-day weekend:
  • Scrap pile sorted
  • One sub-pile reduced to belt loops
  • Another sub-pile prepped for wrapping around bottles, and other uses
  • Belt loops and bottle, etc. scraps put away neatly/compactly
  • Rest of the scrap sorted into two categories and contained
  • Several drawers neatened up
  • Latch supply inventoried, nothing needed at the moment
  • Determined we have Stupid Amounts of copper rivets (which we don't use much any more)
  • Supply of belt tabs for hanging pouches assessed (insufficient)
  • Some of the hanging pouch flaps laced
  • A bunch of soft pouches ready to lace
  • Some soft pouches sent off with Xap to get some of the lacing done
  • Sewing machine power switch replaced
  • Cool little LED light bar and power switch added to sewing machine
  • iPad bracket put on shelves  
  • Multi-meter located, and then put away in its case after use
  • Cordless rechargeable Dremel tool bought, tested, and approved
  • Corded Dremel tool hiding place located
  • Rubber cement and thinner obtained (supply of rubber cement was getting grim, and what we had was rather thick/sticky)
  • Hanging pouch ordered at Reenactor Fest completed, in transit
  • Started lacing the bottom seams and belt loops on soft pouches
  • Worked on updating the visual catalog of letterpress blocks - all images imported, still need final arranging on pages and labels (back was starting to kvetch)
  • Have a pile of pouches to lace tonight at motel in Springfield  
  • Bitched about overnight trip to Springfield
  • Sent a bunch of my knitting stuff up to live with the rest of the knitting stash, allowing . .. 
  • Unearthed the tool bag that lives near the couch, so I could . . . 
  • Put pouches being worked on in it.
  • Kitchen cupboard re-organization initiated

Things not accomplished:
  • Didn't get the business tax returns finished off
  • Didn't get as far as I'd hoped on the rest of the hanging pouches
  • Didn't get anything done with the hard pouch fronts molded last week
  • Didn't get any more hard pouch fronts cut out or molded
Considering how much we did accomplish, a bunch which can be summed up as "the dining room is usable again", I'm not complaining. 

More things to do and/or get (by ACen):
  • Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, er, making pouches
  • (Funky-) Colored (ie: not black/brown) soft pouches 
  • Potion bottles
  • Bandolier(s)
  • Another map case
  • Finish valise?
  • More tails 
  • Machine-sewn pouches/satchels
  • Inventory of not-belts - notes on inventory done at Reenactor Fest have been lost (except for belts and possibly hardware)
  • Quite probably other things I'm forgetting

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