Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Back Again

Sorry, never did do any Military History Fest reporting. I'll see what I can do about that this week. 

This past weekend was Capricon, which started Thursday, and which I spent Wednesday baking for. (Xap and Ron ran the Capricon Cafe, I was Cafe staff). So last week consisted, effectively, of Monday and Tuesday.  MHF and Cap back-to-back with Maidens two weeks before MHF was not one of my more rational plans.

When last I posted I said I was going to do bookkeeping. I did that: I did may sales tax returns for 2012.  I also researched military cartridge/ammunition pouches. I might even get to the library today, to get a new library card, so I can Inter-Library Loan a book from another local library, that's a bit more pricey than I want to pay, even used.

Circling back to Capricon, yesterday I took a vacation day and was a vegetable. Today is a holiday for me and Robin. I'm slightly less vegetative today. I've posted 16 pouches to Etsy and ArtFire, and finally gotten wide and narrow ring belts up on ArtFire. Still need to add more belts both places, but this is significant progress.

I considered adding hanging pouches to the main Otter Necessities web site, then chickened out. 

The dining room has reached complete disaster status. It was bad enough, then I evicted a bunch of stuff from the kitchen counters to make room for the baking binge (18+ dozen scones, and a metric boatload of candied nuts), which ended up in the dining room. My plan is to attack it on Saturday. Don't I sound excited?

The living room is also a mess. If Ron and Robin don't attack it on Saturday, I'll probably declare Sunday time to clean the living room (although if we all work on it, it shoudn't take very long).

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