Friday, March 16, 2012

D'oh! And Accomplishments

I didn't get the Beer Gut laced Wednesday evening after all. By the time I got home about 6:30 then ate dinner I was pooped.

However, I finished lacing it together last night. I just have make the shoulder strap and rivet it on, and the Beer Gut will be done. Possibly tonight, but probably not until tomorrow morning.

Thanks to the joys of smartphones and 3G coverage I negotiated and made an Etsy sale yesterday, six belts, which went out this morning.

OTOH, I forgot to grab the roll of black lace off of Ron's desk this morning. And what am I doing today? Sitting around the hospital while Ron has been having a chunk of his lower GI tract removed, which should put an end to diverticulitis attacks. He's out of surgery at this point and in recovery. I thought I'd get to go see him by this point, but apparently not yet. Boooring.

Since there's not much to work on without lace (put belt loops on one pouch with short leftover bits of lace I did grab, and do a bit of hand-sewing), I've been copy-pasting and re-typing noes and passwords and such into a couple different apps from what I was using. Fortunately, I brought the iPad and the bluetooth keyboard with me.

Such fun. Zzz.

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