Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hardware Sorting and MuseCon Classes

After much googling and skimming threads on discussion boards, I think I've found what I need to keep hardware sorted in the big green tool cabinet road case. Nice little vertical-sided plastic bins, made to go in . . . the drawers of tool cabinets!

Now I just have to measure the drawers and decide what sizes I want.
Tonight, however, I need to bring the tablecloths and other fiber-ish things inside from the yellow road case, and work on class descriptions, etc. for our leatherworking class(es) at MuseCon.

The plan is to offer more projects this year, in addition to the basic small key fob. In order of increasing difficulty they are:
  • A larger key fob, which like the basic key fob is cut out using a die I got to make something almost but not quite totally unlike a key fob.
  • A paperback book cover.
  • A belt pouch.

The basic key fob will still be free and won't absolutely require pre-registration. I think there will be a charge for the larger key fob, but it won't require pre-registration either. Again this year I'll have conchos for sale that can be added to either key fob. Or the pouch, come to think of it.

The book cover and belt pouch will require pre-registration, because I'm making the kits up myself, so I'll need to know how many of which color (black or shades of brown(s), my choice on the browns). 

The prototype of the belt pouch needs to have a piece of hardware added, and we need to actually make one of the large key fobs, and then get pictures of both. 

I also need to decide exactly how much I'll charging for the various projects, write up class description(s), and send all the information and pictures off to Xap. So she doesn't come after me with sharp pointy objects, because the plan is to have class registration open by the MuseCon party at Capricon, next Saturday night.

I should also finalize a basic hand-sewing kit to offer to people who plan on doing the book cover or pouch (or just want one). I should have enough tools to lend, but people may want their own.

After that I need to finalize the pattern for the belt pouch - the gusset in the pattern for the prototype came out too long. There is no real pattern for the book cover, just dimensions for the body and flaps. I probably should write up instructions for the pouch and book cover, too; since it's very likely people will have to finish on their own.

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