Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Even More Flailing

Last week ended up being completely made of flail, as Ron was checked into the hospital Wednesday evening, and was there until Saturday evening.  I did end up with an order from the phone message that Ron took, and got that shipped out.  But my evenings were spent at the hospital.

Saturday morning I did get a little work done - I found the parts to a Civil War-era cartridge pouch that we'd started on, found the pattern and instructions, confirmed that I had all the necessary parts and hardware, and packed it up with the necessary supplies for Ron to work on  sewing it together.  
Except I didn't get to the hospital, after dropping Robin off at Cookie Lab, after karate, until almost 2:00, and we figured it wasn't worth bringing it in, as he was hoping to get released soon.

I should have brought it in, the doctor probably would have shown up much sooner if Ron had started sewing!  :D

Saturday morning I also looked at what pouches I have in various stages of completion, and worked on three of the smallest soft pouches I had cut out. . . and set the latches an inch too low on the fronts. Which is not a disaster, it just means I have to cut three back/flaps with flaps an extra inch long, and new fronts to replace the ones I messed up. But it was annoying.

Sunday we were both pooped, so nothing happened. Monday night was more recovery. Tonight I have the final for my Graphic Arts class, but I can take it on-line from home, so I might possibly be able to accomplish something. Except that we've started keeping the dogs in the kitchen during the day, with access to outside via the new-ish dog door, so I have to make sure I do dishes every night. And I'm thinking by the time I do dishes and take my final I'll be ready for bed again.  Sigh...

But I have good intentions, dammit!  Maybe tomorrow...

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