Monday, August 24, 2009

German Shepherd Dog Show

The show was not a rousing success. Not a failure, either, but not a rousing success. But lunch turned out to be free *and* good (homemade or good store-bought), the people were nice, the temperature was decent and there was a nice breeze through open windows at times (we were inside), it was close to home (Hanover Park), we only brought and set up a limited selection, and it wasn't a long day.

And, of course, there were dogs all over the place. It was primarily an obedience/training show, so they weren't all super-fussy groomed, and they all seemed friendly, too. I don't like that down at the back end stance that GSDs are supposed to have, but these dogs didn't seem to do it like some conformation-show dogs.

When Sprout was maybe 5-6 we went to a Siberian Husky show. We were standing by a ring watching obedience, he got tired of standing, and sat down on the floor. The nice little red-and-white bitch in the ring fixated on him, then did a right-angle turn and made a beeline for him. Oops...guess she needed a little more work. :)

Sprout didn't disrupt any of the obedience trials this time around, although I heard people saying a lot of dogs were doing poorly on the off-leash obedience stuff - not doing the jumps on the retrieves at the right time, running off to see someone on the sidelines, and one pup that was described as doing the transition from sitting in front of her handler to heel bass-ackwards, but very cute (I think that was one I watched - if so I agree on the cute!).

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